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Final Year Project


This course requires student to conduct a research project in the field of electrical engineering under supervision of an academician in the department. The research findings must be documented in the form of introduction, research objective, research scope, literature review, research methodology, results and discussion and conclusion. A scientific thesis must be submitted at the end of the research and student must deliver their research output in the form of oral presentation.


Learning Outcome

In the end of the Final Year Project, students are able to:

  1. Design a programme to conduct research on a chosen topic in Electrical Engineering.
  2. Define the research objectives for the research.
  3. Construct literature review and theoretical study required for the research.
  4. Determine the most suitable methodology for data collection and experimental study.
  5. Analyse the data and findings of the research obtained through the theoretical and experimental study.
  6. Evaluate the findings of the research and the achievement of the research objectives.
  7. Prepare a scientific report in the form of a thesis to communicate the findings of the research.
  8. Explain the findings of the research in the form of an oral presentation.


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