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Industrial Training


An internship is a work experience in an on- or off-campus setting for which a student receives academic credit. At the end of the Industrial Training Programme, students should be able to improve their knowledge and skills relevant to their areas of specialisation and at the same time able to relate, apply and adapt relevant knowledge, concepts and theories within an industrial organisation, practice and ethics. With this experience and exposure the students should be able to acquire knowledge and skills to compete in the job market.


Learning Outcome

In the end of the Industrial Training, students are able to:

  1. Apply ethics and professional electrical engineering practice in working environment.
  2. Investigate electrical engineering issues in related field towards lifelong learning.
  3. Identify public health and safety issues in electrical engineering working environment.
  4. Develop team working spirit.
  5. Demonstrate industrial related communication and presentation skills.
  6. Formulate solutions for industrial related problems.
  7. Examine the impact of electrical engineering solution towards sustainable environment.




Contact Details

For more information on Industrial Training, please contact:

Dr. Nurulafiqah Nadzirah Binti Mansor
Email: afiqah.mansor@um.edu.my
Phone no: +603-79675248

Dr. Norrima Binti Mokhtar
Email: norrimamokhtar@um.edu.my
Phone no: +603-79674599

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