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Course Information for Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

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Academic Calendar

Course Timetable and Course Registration

Student can register courses through the Online Registration website http://maya.um.edu.my. You can refer to the user manual on the Course & Module Enrolment in MAYA here.

Planning should be made earlier to avoid any clashes in the schedule. For further information, please refer to course registration schedule for Semester 1, 2019/2020.

Course timetable can be found from MAYA or download here.

OBE Report Card

Students can access your own Outcome Based Education (OBE) report card through the link given below. This report card will summarize your Program Outcomes (PO) attainment based on semester average and cumulative average which are weighted by the credit hour of each course. The results are presented in spider web chart and you can refer to the briefing slides to interpret the analysis result. You can also meet your academic advisor (AA) to get advice on the improvement strategies.

Login steps:

  • Go to the link: OBE Report Card
  • To login, use the office 365 email account: ummail-username@siswa365.um.edu.my. The password is the same as your ummail.
    * If you are unable to sign in to your office 365 account, you can request helpdesk to fix the problem.
  • Once you have signed in, you need to give permission to the web app to access the SharePoint files (one time only).
  • If your browser settings block 3rd party cookies, you may need to reconfirm sign in multiple times.

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative GPA (CGPA) Calculation

The academic performance of a student in a particular semester is indicated by the GPA and CGPA. The GPA is determined by dividing the total grade points obtained by the total credit obtained taken in a particular semester. The CGPA is determined by dividing the total grade point obtained by the total credits taken from the first semester until the current semester. Where a student repeats a course, the grade to be considered in the calculation of the CGPA and to be given credit shall be the best grade achieved by him.

Online GPA and CPGA calculator can be found here.

Course List

Year 1 Semester 1
Course Code Credit Course Title
GIG1012 / GKT1017 2 Philosophy and Current Issues*/ Basic Malay Language**
GLT10xx 3 English Communication Programme I
KIX1001 3 Engineering Mathematics 1
KIE1001 1 Laboratory 1
KIE1003 3 Digital System
KIE1004 3 Programming I
KIE1005 3 Circuit Analysis I
Year 1 Semester 2
Course Code Credit Course Title
GIG1013 2 Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations
GIG1004 2 Information Literacy
KIX1002 3 Engineering Mathematics 2
KIE1002 1 Laboratory 2
KIE1006 3 Electronic Physics
KIE1007 3 Electronic Circuit I
KIE1008 3 Programming II
Year 2 Semester 1
Course Code Credit Course Title
GIG1003 2 Basic of Entrepreneurship Culture
GLT10xx 3 English Communication Programme II
KIE2001 1 Laboratory 3
KIE2003 3 Probability and Random Signal
KIE2004 3 Electronic Circuit II
KIE2005 3 Circuit Analysis II
KIE2006 3 Signal and System
Year 2 Semester 2
Course Code Credit Course Title
GIG1005 2 Social Engagement
KIX1003 2 Thinking and Communication Skills
KIX2002 3 Engineering Economic Analysis
KIE2002 1 Laboratory 4
KIE2007 3 Basic Electromagnetics
KIE2008 3 Communication System
KIE2009 3 Machines and Drives
Year 3 Semester 1
Course Code Credit Course Title
KIX2004 3 Engineering Project Management
KIX2001 2 Integrated Design I
KIX3004 2 Python Programming
KIE3001 1 Laboratory 5
KIE3004 3 Applied Electromagnetics
KIE3005 3 Numerical Analysis
KIE3006 3 Control System
Year 3 Semester 2
Course Code Credit Course Title
KIX3001 4 Integrated Design II
KIX2003 2 Law and Ethics in Engineering
KIE3002 1 Laboratory 6
KIE3008 3 Power Electronics
KIE3009 3 Energy Conversion and High Voltage Transmission
KIE3010 3 Instrumentation
Year 3 Semester 3
Course Code Credit Course Title
KIE3003 5 Industrial Training
Year 4 Semester 1
Course Code Credit Course Title
KIE3007 3 Digital Signal Processing
KIE4001 1 Laboratory 7
KIE4002 3 Final Year Project
KIE4004 3 Power System
KIE40xx 4 Departmental Elective Courses
Year 4 Semester 2
Course Code Credit Course Title
KIE4002 3 Final Year Project
KIE4005 3 Power Quality
KIE40xx 5 Departmental Elective Courses
* Only applicable to local students
** Only applicable to international students
Refer to the English classes path.

Departmental Elective Courses


Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies (Breath)


Renewable Energy Technologies (Breath)


Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy (Depth)


High Voltage Engineering (Depth)


Electrical Power Utilization (Depth)



Wireless Communications (Breath)


Optical Communications (Breath)


Data Communication Networks (Breath)


Antenna and Propagation (Depth)


Optical Waveguides (Depth)



VLSI Design (Breath)


Analog VLSI Circuit Design (Breath)


Microwave Electronics and Systems (Depth)


Analog Electronics Design (Depth)



Embedded Systems (Breath)


Digital Control System (Breath)


Optimization (Depth)


Pattern Recognition (Depth)

University of Malaya Rules and Regulations

Please refer to the University Of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Rules 2019 and University Of Malaya (First Degree Studies) Regulations 2019 for full details regarding your programme of study.

Several main points to take note:

  • Course Registration
    • Registration of any course must be completed by the second lecture week of the Normal Semester and by the first lecture week of the Special Semester.
  • Attendance in Class
    • Minimum attendance of 80% for classes/tutorial/practical sessions is compulsory and students may be barred from sitting for final examination if the minimum attendance is not achieved.
  • Dean's Award
    • A student who obtains a GPA of 3.70 and above in any semester and fulfills the following conditions shall be awarded the Dean's Award:
    • Has completed a minimum of 15 credits in the semester concerned consisting a minimum of four (4) courses, not including courses with credits that are not taken into account in the calculation of credit counted;
    • Has obtained no lower than a grade C for all completed courses taken in the semester concerned; and
    • Has not repeated any course in which he has failed and/or improved his course grades in the semester concerned.
  • Failed and terminated from a programme of study
    • A student can be terminated from a programme of study if he:
      • is placed under an Academic Probationary Period and subsequently obtains a GPA of 1.30 or less for two consecutive semesters;
      • obtains a GPA lower than 2.00 for four (4) consecutive semesters;
      • obtains grade F three (3) times for the same course;
      • obtains a CGPA of less than 1.00 for two (2) consecutive semesters; or
      • fails to complete the requirements of his programme of study within the prescribed maximum period.
  • Absent From Examination
    • A written application must be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty of the programme of study not later than two (2) working days from the date of the student's final examination paper.
  • Redemption of Course Grade
    • An application to redeem grade C- to grade C shall be made within one (1) week after the date of the official announcement of examination results. Redemption is limited to only one (1) course for the semester concerned.
  • Appeal Against Examination Results
    • A student who is not satisfied with the results of the examination including the continuous assessment component and/or the final examinations of a course may appeal to the Dean of the Faculty within two (2) weeks from the date of the official notification of the examination results.
  • Award of Degree of a Pass with Honours (With Distinction)
    • A student is qualified to be awarded a degree of a Pass with Honours (With Distinction) if he
      • achieves a final CGPA of 3.70 and above;
      • has never obtained grade F for any course during the period of his programme of study;
      • has never repeated any course where he failed and/or improved his course grade; and
      • has successfully completed his programme of study within the minimum period or prescribed duration.