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Integrated Design


The Integrated Design Project (IDP) course is senior-level project design courses that require students to use all their engineering knowledge to solve a real-world engineering problem or develop a viable product with consideration of sustainability and social factor.


Learning Outcome

In the end of the Integrated Design Project, students are able to:

  1. Conceptualize design solution of an engineering design to a defined end state.
  2. Perform technical investigation and analysis of the proposed design.
  3. Implement project management and/or economic feasibility study of the proposed design solution.
  4. Apply ethical principles, standards and professional engineering code of ethics.
  5. Function effectively as an individual, and as a team member or a leader.
  6. Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities through reports and presentations.
  7. Evaluate the sustainability impact on the design solution.


Project Guideline/Manual

The guideline and manual for IDP can be found at IDP guideline.


Group Registration 

The group registration form for IDP can be found at IDP Group Registration Form.


Project Title List


Title Registration Form

The title registration form for IDP can be found at here.


Design Lab

A lab dedicated for IDP is Design Lab. It is located at Level 1, Block Y, Department of Electrical Engineering building.


Contact Details

For more information on IDP, please contact:

Dr. Mohamadariff Bin Othman
IDP Coordinator
Email: mohamadariff@um.edu.my
Phone no: +603-79677622

Dr. Mohd Faiz Mohd Salleh
IDP Committee Member
Email: faizsalleh@um.edu.my
Phone no: +603-79675255