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Implementation of New University Courses

In accordance with the directive from the Department of Higher Education, the Senate of Universiti Malaya, in its meeting on 26.09.2019 has approved the implementation of TWO NEW University Courses (KUs), the General Studies Courses (MPU) of U1 component, namely:

  1. Course GIG1012 (Philosophy and Current Issues, FIS)
  2. Course GIG1013 (Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, PEP)

Therefore, starting Semester II, 2019/2020 Academic Session:

  1. The GIG1012 (Philosophy and Current Issues, FIS) course will REPLACE the GIG1001 (Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization, TITAS) course, and
  2. The GIG1013 (Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, PEP) course will REPLACE the GIG1002 (Ethnic Relations, HE) course.

Methods of implementing these TWO new courses are as follows:

  • Offered from Semester II, Academic Session 2019/2020;
  • Every student from ALL Admission Sessions MUST REGISTER and MUST PASS both courses;
  • Malaysian Citizen students who have not yet registered or have not passed TITAS and/or HE courses (including those in the current Semester I, 2019/2020 Academic Session) should REPLACE them with these TWO NEW COURSES, namely the GIG1012 (Philosophy and Current Issues, FIS) and GIG1013 courses (Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, PEP);
  • Non-Malaysian Citizen Students MUST REGISTER AND MUST PASS the following TWO courses:
    1. The existing course GLT1017 (Bahasa Melayu Asas), and
    2. The NEW course GIG1013 (Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, PEP, which will be taught in English) to REPLACE the current GIG1006 course (Introduction to Malaysia, IM).

If you have any further questions, please contact CITrA at: 03-7967 5428/5488 or email: citra@um.edu.my and you can visit our website or Insta @citrauniversitimalaya.